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Private Chef National Average Salary: $47,392

Interested in preparing meals for people, but don’t want the hassle of making them for an entire restaurant? Then consider becoming a private/personal chef. These chefs are employed by individuals to prepare meals in private residences. They can be hired for a variety of reasons, from wealthy clients to those that require special dietary concerns in their meals.

Degrees Needed:
A culinary arts degree is required to work in this field, typically combined with many years of working in the field beforehand. Many private chefs also have education in nutrition, and most need to be certified as a personal certified chef (CPC).

Everything Else:
For stats on the job growth, typical salary, and everything else you’ll need to know, visit our private chef career profile. - See more at: http://myfootpath.com/careers-jobs/rewarding-top-careers/top-5-culinary-careers-for-2011/#sthash.O1hw55s9.dpuf

Imagining a private chef, we might conjure images of grand homes where butlers and maid also move about. While such homes do still exist, private chefs are no longer solely in the domain of the super rich.

Private chefs are employed by many individuals who are health conscious, require highly specialized diets due to food allergies, or simply do not have the time to prepare meals for themselves and would rather not eat fast food every night of the week!

Private chefs, also referred to as personal chefs or private household cooks, very often are in charge of ordering groceries and kitchen supplies in addition to their cooking duties. They may prepare meals each day in the home or simply cook food enough for the week and leave instructions on how to reheat it. If they work in the home daily, they may help serve food and clean up afterwards.

For clients with dietary restrictions, private chefs may spend a great of time consulting with the client and preparing a safe and healthy menu. Private chefs may be self-employed or work for a company; thus, they may have many clients or only one. Because private chefs often work in the kitchens of others, they must flexible in their cooking habits and prepared to make due with what they are given.

Since, unlike most chefs who work behind the closed doors of a restaurant kitchen, private chefs have much face to face contact with their clients, they must have excellent people skills and be able to get along with a wide variety of personalities.

Private Chef Careers Path
Like other chefs, private chefs usually need a combination of education and experience. They may earn their degree from a vocational school, university, or culinary arts school, taking many of the same courses as other chefs: cooking, cleaning, sanitation, meal planning, and nutrition.

Since many private chefs are hired to deal with a client’s dietary needs/restrictions, the nutrition coursework will be especially useful.

Compatible Personality Traits
Creative, people person, works well with hands, conscientious of person appearance and hygiene, able to follow instructions, willing to work long and/or late hours, works well in a variety of settings, trustworthy.

Salary Expectations
As a type of chef, private chefs earn an average salary of $40,630 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of course, the pay can vary greatly depending on the client (or number of clients) and the level of service provided.

Personal chefs who cook meals daily or prepare food for regular large parties are likely to make more per job than those who simply prepare a week’s worth of meals for the client to reheat as desired. With more experience private chefs may be able to secure better paying positions.

Job Outlook
The job outlook for private chefs in the coming years is mixed. People are becoming more health conscious and many require special diets due to food allergies. Private chefs are attractive to such people because they do not have to go through the trouble of preparing specialized meals themselves. However, having a private chef is a luxury that many people cannot afford.

Private chefs must always be prepared to follow the economy, finding other employment when the economy is poor. Competition for glamorous positions with celebrities and other highly paid individuals should remain stiff. Private chefs with experience, skills preparing meals according to specialized diets, and a reputation for working well for their clients should have the best chance of finding work.

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